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Large forest fires occur in the USA almost every summer. For example, in the summer of 2015, during the violent forest fires that spread to Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho and Montana, hundreds of houses were evacuated and many firemen lost their lives. Even though the National Guard was called in, the fire could not be prevented from spreading over thousands of square kilometers.

Although the fire fighting capabilities are much better compared to the past, it is still very difficult to cope with such large fires with the current capabilities.   It is necessary to spend a lot of time and effort to control and extinguish the fires especially in the forests spreading over wide areas.

Opening long corridors with widths of 50-100 meters in large forests will facilitate the control of fires. The corridors should be arranged in a way that the wooded areas would fall into the shape of a checkerboard: This way, a fire that starts in an area will only spread up to the verges of the road even if it can not be prevented. Due to the width of the corridor, it will be impossible for the fire to spread to other areas by natural means. It is very important that the roads should not be as narrow as 5-10 meters, because in situations where strong winds are present, it will be easier for the fire to spread to the other areas. The corridors should be checked and cleaned frequently to ensure that no dry weed or flammable substances are present on them.

It is sufficient to leave these quite wide fire safety corridors empty to ensure they are useful. Besides, it is possible to benefit from these corridors in different ways.  The middle of the corridor can be used as a way to respond to the fire from land. Additionally, agriculture can be practiced on the both sides of this road. Growing green plants such as lettuce and parsley should be preferred instead of flammable products like cereals.

In these corridors, irrigation channels can be constructed and used in agriculture. Additionally, huge evaporation-resistant water reservoirs can also be constructed. These water reservoirs, which will be used in the same manner as fire hydrants on the streets, can be arranged in such a way that the fire helicopters can benefit from them. This way, the fire can be brought under control quicker by shortening the time required for the helicopter to shuttle between the water source and the fire area.

In addition to creating fire corridors in all current forest areas, the planting in artificially forested areas should be arranged in a way that allows the construction of such corridors.

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Winter moths' different body structuresIn all moths, the blood flows in a single vein from the abdomen to the thorax, and from there to the head, where it is warmed. On its return, it is filtered through tissue. In addition, the anatomy of the winter moth is different from that of summer-flying moths—a difference in design that lets the winter moth survive cold temperatures.

The veins extending along the winter moth's abdomen form the heart-and-aorta section of the circulatory system. This part, which extends in the upper part of the tail, turns a 90 degree angle downwards as it nears the heart region. It then enters this area from underneath where the thorax joins the abdomen. So far, the blood in this area is cold.

When the vein enters the abdomen, contraction of the muscles there warms the blood on its way from the stomach to the chest region. Where the abdomen and thorax meet, the vein assumes more or less a V shape. The blood in the left arm of the V is cold, and that in the right arm warmer.

Under normal conditions, the heat of the warm blood rising in the right arm should pass to the tail area where the cold blood circulates. However, the winter moth is never exposed to such a lethal situation— thanks to its hearing organ, in the exact center of the bend in the V. This organ is one of the examples of the superior design in the heating system. The animal's auditory organ is inside the tympanic air sacs, which function as perfect heat insulators. One can compare the sacs to a double-glazed window. The sacs prevent the passage of heat between the external and internal environment, forming a kind of barrier between the warm thorax area and the cold abdomen.

In conclusion, the tail area cannot leach heat from the stomach area. In addition, the air sacs in the abdomen provide supplementary insulation.

All these features, just one part of the moths' insulation system deal a lethal blow to the theory of evolution's claims of "chance." The emergence of this exceedingly complex system, designed in great detail with flawless engineering and which works in stages, cannot be explained in terms of random mutations. In order for the system to work, it needs to exist together with every one of its components.

To fully provide for the moth's heat insulation, it's essential that its auditory system be in exactly the right place, forming a barrier to keep the requisite regions warmed. If the moth is to gain the time to move, the anti-freeze must be present in the exact right amount with the correct properties. If the moths are to warm up by shivering their wings, their nervous systems and muscles must act at the same time.

None of these systems can possibly be accounted for in terms of chance. These designs in moths are just one of the countless proofs showing how flawlessly God has created living things.

Anyone who sees and thinks about these proofs must live his or her life in a manner pleasing to God, again calling to mind the fact that there is no other deity but Him. God's infinite might and majestic glory are revealed in a verse:

Everyone in the heavens and Earth belongs to Him. All are submissive to Him. It is He Who originated creation and then regenerates it. That is very easy for Him. His is the most exalted designation in the heavens and the Earth. He is the Almighty, the All-Wise. (Surat ar-Rum: 26-27)

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Hypocrites are very ungrateful towards Muslims, from whom they receive nothing but kindness and good mannersIt can never be possible for a person in this life, other than the prophets –who have this knowledge through revelation from God-, to know 'who will go to heaven and who will go to hell'. For this reason, Muslims approach everyone in a hopeful and benevolent manner, believing that even those with the most persistent display of hypocritical attitude, an ugly daring and insistence can one day change and correct their behavior.

Muslims clearly recognize the vehement signs of unbelief on hypocritical people and feel 'resentment' towards this dark and insidious side of them that contradicts with the Qur'anic morality. This resentment is a natural result of their faith. Despite that, they listen to their conscience and consistently treat them with good manners in line with the Qur'an, in order to prevent them from causing strife and hoping that maybe this will be instrumental in softening their hearts, warming them toward religion and correcting their behavior.

Indeed, as we are told in the Qur'an, God told the Prophet Moses and his brother Prophet Aaron (peace be upon them both) to go to Pharaoh and 'speak to him with gentle words'. In a similar manner, while trying to rehabilitate the hypocrites, Muslims always act with utmost compassion, love and forgiveness. But they never let their guard down against any danger or wickedness on the part of hypocrites.

Despite all this generosity, benevolence, kindness and good manners they get from the Muslims, hypocrites are incredibly ungrateful. Since they see themselves as better than all Muslims in terms of intelligence, talent, manners and high-quality, and since they keep feeding this sense of arrogance in their souls, they take all the generosity on the part of Muslims for granted, as something which they 'already deserve'. To them, a gift or a treat is just another thing they perfectly deserve, for which reason they think it is not necessary to thank. They believe that compliments and praises to them are their natural rights; they believe they deserve them since they are the best, the smartest, and the most talented. They even might be delusional enough to think that Muslims treat them with generosity because they have to. For this reason, they don't feel like they have to say 'thank you' to Muslims.

This wicked nature of hypocrites reveals itself many times during the day. For instance, if they get ill, Muslims will all rush in to help them with all their needs. For God's good pleasure, they will take care of everything during this time. They make doctor appointments, get necessary medication, check their fever, prepare their food, check them regularly to make sure they are OK, even forsake sleep and keep watch over them all night. Muslims listen to their conscience and make efforts. Situations like these, though, quickly reveal the hypocrites. Having received this kind of treatment, Muslims love their fellow Muslims for the rest of their lives, for God's sake. They repeatedly express their love, gratitude and appreciation.

Those who are basking in seas of hypocrisy, on the other hand, only half-heartedly thank Muslims, but only to make sure that they continue to take care of them until they get better. But their hearts and words completely clash. When one day they have a burst of anger, they may even say, 'Muslims didn't take care of them even when they fell ill, and even if they did it, they did it only reluctantly and unwillingly'. In a show of 'ingratitude and abject slander', they claim that Muslims, who took care of them hinted and made them feel that this care-taking was done unwillingly. They may even blatantly lie saying that they were not taken care of at all, despite the presence of witnesses to the contrary. It is because hypocrites hate Muslims. Their goal is 'to portray Muslims as supposedly cruel and loveless people', 'to create an image of being victimized' and 'to set a supposedly legitimate stage for their fresh wave of wickedness'.

The fact that hypocrites 'constantly seek to find flaws and try to accuse Muslims for everything' despite being constantly showered with generosity and blessings is a clear indication of their insincerity and ingratitude.

Their ingratitude is actually towards God. They believe that health, youth and physical strength that God gives to them are their own achievements. They believe that they are good-looking because they work out a lot. They surmise that regular intake of vitamins makes them healthy, and reading books, brain exercises give them strong memory. Therefore, they don't really feel the need to give thanks to God for these blessings. They don't think about the possibility that God might take their lives  any moment. This makes them even more spoiled, makes them feel unapproachably great. God draws attention to this ungrateful character of the hypocrites in the Qur'an and says that –unless He wills otherwise– they will never be forgiven:

You can ask forgiveness for them, or not ask forgiveness for them. Even if you asked forgiveness for them seventy times, God still would not forgive them. That is because they have rejected God and His Messenger. God does not guide deviant people. (Surat at-Tawba, 80)

Hypocrites display their ungrateful behavior repeatedly during the day. Nevertheless, Muslims never compromise on their good manners.

If it is in destiny for one to correct his behavior and die as a Muslim, then each selfless act and sacrifice on the part of Muslims will be a means for the guidance of that person. There is no doubt Muslims will be greatly rewarded for that. This is a great gift for Muslims.

However, if that person dies as a hypocrite, all the goodness, kindness and sacrifices of Muslims will make the hypocrite even more heavily responsible for his acts and will be a means for increased punishment in the hereafter.

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The world's thinnest feeding tubeFor a female mosquito, it's vitally important to be able to suck blood very quickly. Her suction system must therefore be 100% compatible with the structure of her host's blood.

Unlike most liquids, blood changes its viscosity according to the diameter of the tube through which it flows. In wide tubes, the alluvia can move easily since they are randomly distributed in the liquid plasma. Yet in minute tubes smaller than a tenth of a millimeter across, the viscosity of blood starts to increase. In tubes of that size, the red blood cells flatten out and concentrate in the middle of the tube. In tubes smaller than a hundredth of a millimeter in diameter, the viscosity of the blood reaches its highest level, because the diameter of the blood cells has approached that of the tube itself. Sucking blood has become as difficult as sucking peas through a straw.

Creatures that feed by sucking blood display a most surprising compatibility. The feeding tubes of mosquitoes and other blood-sucking creatures never falls below one hundredth of a millimeter in diameter.( "Boceklere Ziyafet" (A Feast for Insects), Bilim ve Teknik, October 1997, p. 63) Thanks to this they never experience any difficulty in ingesting blood.

It's worth noting that there are no exceptions in this regard: The same perfection is evident in all blood-sucking creatures. Could all of them have measured the diameter of blood cells and designed their feeding tubes accordingly? Or could they have carried out various experiments to determine a tube wide enough to allow blood cells to pass, but small enough not to restrict the cells' movement capacities? If so, then how did those individuals who were successful at the first attempt manage to transmit that information and thus save subsequent generations from extinction?

Of course, none of these things could possibly have happened. No insect can be aware of the structure of another living thing's blood, and that various cells within that blood affect the blood's viscosity.

No rational person would ever imagine such things upon learning that the mosquito's bodily structure is entirely compatible with blood sucking, or imagine that some insect discovered all this for itself one day. It is clear that such compatibility could not come about by chance.

In order for the mosquito to suck blood, it's not sufficient for it to possess a tube through which blood cells can pass. Above all it needs a force to make the blood move through the tube, and a way to produce that force. There are muscles in the mosquito's head, and as the muscles expand and contract, there is a fall in pressure. As a result, blood begins moving up the feeding tube.

There is only one explanation for the mosquito's perfect mechanisms: It is God Who creates them. The blood cell and the tube through which it passes were both created by a power, together with all the properties they possess. That power is God, the omniscient and flawless Creator.

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Hypocrites try to suppress the love between Muslims with lies and slandersHypocrites know nothing of love and the sincere love among Muslims disturbs them terribly. They may attain many material blessings with their insidious games and crooked methods but because of the evilness in their souls and their ignominious character, they know very well that 'they can never be able to live true love'. In that state of mind, they are aware of the fact that they cannot love anyone and that no one would ever love them. And that is a grave rancor for the hypocrites.

This pain and 'envy for a blessing they can never attain' drives the hypocrites to 'seek revenge' by all available means. In a verse of the Qur'an, God informs us about some of the methods the hypocrites would resort in order to harm Muslims and take revenge on them:

But do not obey any vile swearer of oaths, any backbiter, slandermonger, impeder of good, evil aggressor, gross, coarse and furthermore, despicable. (Surat al-Qalam, 10-13)

As explained in the verses, the hypocrites are despicable, gross, coarse and aggressive creatures. They do whatever they can to impede anything good and beautiful. By fabricating series of lies about Muslims, slandering, tale-bearing, and swearing oaths falsely, they try to harm Muslims. With these despicable methods, they imagine that they can drive a wedge between Muslims, that they can set them at odds with each other and thus can wipe out the love among them. A hypocrite may go to a Muslim and say, "So-and-so said such a thing, I do not know for certain who he meant, but it sounded to me as if he was talking about you." He may then go to another Muslim and say, "I have heard so-and-so talking about you; I guess she was angry with you for some reason." And then he may go to another Muslim and say, "So-and-so didn't like the work you did, he talked about what was lacking in it for quite a while."

For the same purpose, they may slyly use matters that would not be possible to disprove. For instance they may say, "I saw so-and-so, he was looking daggers at you," or say, "You weren't looking that way so you didn't notice but so-and-so was looking down on your clothes." Such words of the hypocrites are completely based on lies. Furthermore all these are in fact mundane and trivial matters about daily life; they are not topics Muslims would dwell on, exaggerate, devote their time, talk about or make lengthy comments on. But even with these mundane, ordinary topics, the hypocrites want to cause dissension and disunity among Muslims, cause resentment in their hearts and harm their respect, love and trust for one another. As it is explained in the verse, the hypocrites play insidious games by backbiting and slandering, by tale-bearing among Muslims about one another, by lying, by making additions and extractions to the topics discussed and by twisting the meaning of something simple using exaggerated words.

However the hypocrites sometimes carry out their disgusting behaviors openly. By getting aggressive, shouting in an angry, snobbish and impertinent attitude, they start talking about how a certain Muslim is –allegedly– ill humored, malevolent and shady. Obviously all their accusations are nothing but slanders. That is why Muslims do not pay attention to any of their claims. But the rage, anger and jealousy they harbor inside do not cool down in any way, and they accuse Muslims of insincerity on account of their not believing their words. They accuse Muslims of being unjust, believing the words of another party and unfairly protecting others. There is no end to their lies and their disgusting behaviors. Since they are unable to control their anger, they constantly cast the same aspersions about Muslims and try to defame them until they can create a negative opinion about them. What they want is to hear Muslims say, "Yes, you were right, this person is really a bad person, this person is crooked and insincere, we no longer trust or love him." The hypocrites would only feel relieved if they could see that they succeeded to wear down that love among Muslims.

In the Qur'an, God tells us that hypocrites are also "impeders of good" (Surat al-Qalam, 12). They would want to impede anything good and auspicious that Muslims would relish, that would be a blessing for them, that would make them happy and bring them peace. Since 'love' is one of those blessings that Muslims regard as the most important, the hypocrites certainly try to banish this benevolence and beauty from Muslims.

However, believers would never change their opinions about a faithful person because of some lies that are merely the products of an evil mind. On the contrary, because of the ignominious attitude they have adopted towards that faithful person and the perfidious lies they have invented, Muslims' love and compassion towards that particular person would increase even further.

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The scorpion's sensory abilitiesDesert-dwelling sand scorpions are some of the most dangerous small arachnids. This species of scorpion is almost blind, yet it expertly locates its prey at night. How is this surprising skill possible?

The answer is linked to the cleft-shaped sensors on its eight feet, which are so sensitive that they can detect vibrations smaller than one millionth of a millimeter.

Let us imagine that a butterfly lands somewhere near a scorpion, setting up two types of vibrational waves in the ground. The first type are so-called volume waves and move faster than 150 meters a second (492 feet/second). The second, known as Rayleigh waves, travel parallel to the surface at more than 50 meters a second (164 feet/second). The scorpion determines the distance to its prey by analyzing the difference between the times at which the two waves arrive. (Akrebin Silahı: Fizik" (Physics: The Scorpion's Secret Weapon), Bilim ve Teknik, September 2000, p. 16.; Physics World, July 2000.)

Of course, knowing the prey's distance still doesn't establish its exact location. The scorpion must also determine the prey's direction.

The scorpion's legs stand on the ground in a circle approximately 5 cm in diameter. That makes for a difference as small as 5 milliseconds (1/200th of a second) between the arrival of the Rayleigh wave from the prey at the nearest scorpion's foot and its arrival at the foot furthest away. When the sensors' nerve cells detects a Rayleigh wave, one of the cells transmits a signal to the central nervous system, as well as to the nerve that perceives the waves from the three opposite legs with a slight delay. However, the signal from those three legs is suppressed, and does not immediately reach the nervous system center.

In this way, the creature can analyze the position of the foot that constitutes the source of the earliest signal and those of the other three feet. By this positional analysis, it establishes the direction of the source of the wave.

Should the difference between the warning signal and the suppressed signals reaching the sensors in the feet be less than 1/500th of a second, then the nervous system perceives both signals at the same time, with no delay. For the scorpion this means going into action and using all its perfectly designed weapons for the attack.

The eight nerve cells that process the signals from the feet make a joint decision, just like a committee, on the direction of the prey.( W. Stürzl, R. Kempter and J. L. Van Hemmen, "Theory of arachnid prey localization;"           

How does this happen? Do the nerve cells hold a meeting every single time, set out the data and arrive at a conclusion?

Obviously, there is no such meeting. Nerve cells consist of nothing but protein, fat and water, with no reason or consciousness.

This mechanism has operated exactly the same in all the scorpions that have lived over millions of years. It did not develop by chance over time, as evolutionists would have us believe, nor was it added on afterwards. Almighty God created the scorpion with its perfect design.

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Hypocrites are cowards; they reveal their true colors in times of difficulty Hypocrites are very fond of their comfort. Since they are insanely attached to this world, they are terrified of death. If all the conditions and means are in their favor, then they act together with Muslims. So long as their interests are not harmed, they lay low and stay small among Muslims, even if it is hard for them to do so; they even face up to doing many things they do not want to do for the sake of appearing to be one of them. They do not want to perform their daily prayers but they do. They do not want to do good to Muslims, but even though it pains them to do so, they do good when the situation calls for it. They even occasionally serve Islam if it comes to that point. But if there is any pressure, difficulty or hardship put on Muslims by unbelievers, they instantly start to make 'gain and loss calculations'. They consider what they would be gaining and what they would be losing if they stay with Muslims. And they take into account that the possible hardships awaiting Muslims would more or less touch them as well. That is one of the greatest fears of a hypocrite; because it is themselves that they value more than anything in the world and this would hurt them. Right at this point, they decide to leave Muslims. In a verse of the Qur'an God draws our attention to the cowardice of hypocrites:

They swear by God that they are of your number, but they are not of your number. Rather, they are people who are scared. (Surat at-Tawba, 56)

Living on the path of God and participating in an ideological struggle on the side of the truth requires courage in face of ordeals. When we look at the Qur'an, we see that all the prophets and righteous believers have been tried with severe ordeals and hardships. All these difficulties daunt hypocrites because at the time of hardship there are many topics one needs to relinquish. When Muslims are faced with hardships, they sometimes sacrifice their possessions, sometimes their comfort, sometimes the time they spare for doing sports or even for sleeping; they sometimes make sacrifices about their clothes, sometimes about their food, and sometimes they sacrifice all of those. Each of these sacrifices is a pleasure for them. But the hypocrites who have devoted all their lives to this world find this very difficult and terrifying. That is why when the hypocrites face difficulties they try to find another place for themselves to seek refuge in.

In the Qur'an, God informs us of the kind of excuses hypocrites at the time of our Prophet (pbuh) came up with to avoid difficulties:

If it had been a case of easy gains and a short journey, they would have followed you, but the distance was too great for them. They will swear by God: "Had we been able to, we would have gone out with you." They are destroying their own selves. God knows that they are lying. (Surat at-Tawba, 42)

The times of difficulties, hardships and trials Muslims face are actually very valuable times in which the hypocrites reveal themselves and show their true colors. They might camouflage themselves among Muslims for many years, but when they meet a challenge on the Path of God, they instantly show their true colors. Every threat, injustice, pressure or slander faced on the Path of God is an honor for Muslims. For a hypocrite, on the other hand, that would almost mean giving up this world. Accepting such a situation would mean their giving up their hypocrisy, which they would never, ever do.

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The incomparable sensory system in fishImagine that you are swimming along in a huge school of fish. If every individual in it wants to suddenly turn right or left—and what's more, in dim light or even darkness—will you be able to avoid bumping into the other fish? Definitely not!

Yet such movements, impossible for us, are perfectly simple for fish, because they have been created with a perfect sensory system known as the lateral line. This system consists of dots or lines along both sides of the body, containing sensory cells in a channel under the skin. (John Downer, Supernature, p. 29.)

The lateral lines immediately identify the slightest change in outside pressure, water movement, or strength or direction of the current. In contrast to the sensory systems of land animals, fish use the water's pressure waves and its feature of transportation and reservation of chemicals. Through these sensory systems, fish can half-feel and half-hear vibrations. Thus they can determine the presence of a predator or obstacle before they actually see it, can locate their prey or predators and find their way among the water currents. In particular, their lateral line lets them detect low frequencies nearby—footsteps on the shore or bodies falling into the water—and react accordingly.

By the water's edge, you can speak, sing or listen to the radio, and not alarm the fish. Yet if you do anything to set the water in motion—for instance, if you rock a jetty or throw a stone into the water—all the fish around will immediately flee.

Nearby objects reflect the vibrations reaching them. In this way, when a wave lands on the shore, the returning vibrations reach the fish's body in a short time. The lateral lines in the fish's body analyze these time frames and from these vibrations, the fish is able to establish an image of its surroundings. The fish can acquire more information by swimming faster or creating more vibrations of its own.

The system works so well that the fish can perform very detailed scanning. For example, the Mexican blind cave fish depends entirely on its lateral lines. Although it has no eyes, it can perceive objects no larger than a pinhead in the darkness of the cave it inhabits.

In low visibility waters in particular, fish which swim in large schools in close proximity to one another use their lateral lines in order to detect rapid maneuvers.

These sense organs possess a most complex structure. Of course, it's impossible for such a sensory system to come about gradually and in stages, through random coincidences. In order for the fish to survive, it's also essential that the system emerge all at once. This is yet another indication that fish did not come into existence by evolving, as evolutionists would have us believe, but that they were created by God, flawlessly and with no elements lacking.

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Hypocrites are similar to "a donkey carrying books" Like all other beings, hypocrites are powerless creatures under God's control. If God had desired to do so, He wouldn't have created hypocrites and there wouldn't be an element of mischief among Muslims. However, Our Lord, the Possessor of Infinite Wisdom, The Wise, created hypocrites with wisdom and He granted them 'an evil mind'. This evil mind of hypocrites is sure to lose against the 'Qur'anic wisdom of the believers'. The hypocritical intellect only helps hypocrites to play little cunning games and gain the admiration of the unbelievers. Hypocrites make use of their intellect to ‘educate themselves and masquerade as sophisticated people so that they can win the unbelievers' favor.'

It is a remarkable quality to be knowledgeable. However, believers know that, like all other blessings, this, too, is by the grace of God and that they have been granted this blessing to use it in the way of God. The society of unbelievers, however, cherish one's 'education, career, position, popular knowledge, foreign languages he speaks, the books he reads, the intellectual movements he is familiar with, the places he has been and so on' as matters of arrogance and vanity. Hypocrites, who very much wish to be approved of by the unbelievers, try not to miss any of these criteria. By using the opportunities they attained during their time with the believers, they try to improve themselves in these aspects and make themselves proper for the 'model considered ideal for the unbelievers'. This way, they hope to win the unbelievers’ appreciation and secure a place among them.

They try to learn all kinds of information and worldly knowledge which might help them to make a name for themselves among the unbelievers. They constantly read piles of books filled with information which will be of no use to them in their lives. By making use of both the means of Muslims and also of the Internet, television channels and books, they try to improve themselves and their knowledge.

There is no doubt that it is good if someone improves his knowledge and information on every subject. Muslims are also people who are known for their vast knowledge. Yet, Muslims make use of every single bit of information they learn for the benefit of humankind and to uncover what is good. Nevertheless, hypocrites learn something not because they want to make use of it for the good of Islam, but because 'they want to show off to unbelievers and to gain a reputation among them'. They actually learn details of no use such as, 'what did goats eat during the reign of the Sumerians?', 'the African antelopes were poisoned when they ate which plant?', 'what did the American Indians drink?' and so on. For example, all of a sudden, they may say, 'Let me tell you about the number of sheep in Brazil'. Their purpose is to surprise people who listen to them and make them say: 'Oh, he really has a great deal of knowledge'. Indeed, unbelievers, or those who have weak faith, or who are not aware that the real owner of all knowledge is God, are really impressed when they hear them talk about these.

While Muslims spare their every moment of their lives doing something for the benefit of mankind, they also improve their worldly knowledge. However, hypocrites do not do anything useful during the day. They have no interest whatsoever in the salvation of mankind, in spreading Islamic morality throughout the world, or in seeing the oppression in the world come to an end. They spend the whole day reading books and obtaining information which they might use to obtain the admiration of unbelievers. Yet they have no interest in practicing and preaching what is told in the verses of the Qur'an.

Moreover, a feeling of egocentrism covers hypocrites' soul whenever they read a couple of books or learn a few new things. They see themselves superior than anyone. They consider themselves 'a sort of scholar or an innovator'.

No matter how much information a person may have, his efforts will do him no good as long as something is missing in his soul and heart, and unless he has a Qur’anic reasoning to make wise use of that information. What makes someone worthy is the beauty in his heart and the values he cherishes in his heart. A person may store all the information he has learned in his brain; yet, it has no value when he has no 'art of crafting that knowledge' in his heart.

Just as he memorizes all the books on worldly knowledge, hypocrites also know the verses in the Qur'an by heart. History is full of hypocrites who looked like scholars and learned men and who memorized the Qur'an, the Torah and the Gospel. Their speeches contained much knowledge, but their heart had no 'knowledge of Marifatullah'. The 'Knowledge of Marifatullah' (The Gnosis of God) is a knowledge not written in books but in the hearts of those who are close to God. It is Muslims who can truly comprehend this very knowledge and who can make use of any learned knowledge.

In the Qur'an, God refers to hypocrites as 'donkeys loaded with tomes' as 'their heads are full of knowledge, but their hearts are empty'.

The metaphor of those who were charged with the Torah but then have not upheld it, is that of a donkey loaded with weighty tomes. How evil is the metaphor of those who deny God's signs! God does not guide wrongdoing people. (Surat al-Jumua, 5)

Our Prophet (pbuh) said: "Most of the hypocrites in my community will be from among well-educated people" and thus he informed us that hypocrites are men of intellect and that they are knowledgeable. Nevertheless, it should be noted here again that reading and being knowledgeable are surely pleasant features; however, the hypocrites’ knowledge does not serve to their benefit, but only to their detriment. Every single hypocrite who has ever lived during the course of history has perhaps read hundreds of books on hundreds of subjects, but they could not make practical use of this knowledge. Since they do not have faith in their hearts, the information they have just helped them transform into 'donkeys carrying books'; and they have driven themselves into failure not only on earth, but also in the hereafter due to their lack of faith.

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The heat detection system in snakes

1. Cerabellum
2. Optic Tectum
3. Brain

4. Stranges of Trigeminal Nerve
5. Menbrane

6. Outer chamber
7.Inner Chamber

These illustrations show the anatomy of the boa constrictor's heat detectors. Behind the scales on the upper and lower jaw is a detailed nerve network, which constitutes a two-part system. When it encounters an infra-red stimulus, it sends a trigeminal signal to the brain—where a reaction has been recorded only 35 milliseconds after the snake's detecting a small level of infra-red radiation.

The facial cavities on the front of the rattlesnake's head contains heat sensors that the snake uses to detect infrared rays given off in the form of body heat by warm-blooded birds and mammals nearby. Those sensors are so sensitive that they can identify an environmental temperature rise of 1/300th of a degree, in just 35/000th of a second. The rattler can follow prey that has moved away from it simply by detecting the heat given off by its footprints.

Nor does its sensitive heat-detection system serve only to find prey. The snake is a cold-blooded reptile that can maintain its vital functions only when the ambient temperature is higher than 30 degrees. For that reason, its heat sensors are a great help in finding warm caves or tree trunks where the snake can hibernate over the winter. Of the fourteen species of snake only two have heat sensors, and there are differences in the sensors between these two species. Vipers, for example, bear their sensors on the front of the head under their eyes.

Each cavity is a few millimeters in diameter and up to 5 mm (0.1 inch) deep. Its interior is divided in half by a membrane, forming what's called the inner and outer chambers. In the snake's skull are two trigeminal nerve branches that terminate towards the membrane. The heat given off by the prey's body is turned into electrical signals, and the trigeminal nerve serves to transmit these signals to the part of the brain known as the terminus.

As the nerve branch nears this region, it begins to lose its special sheath. At the end, it takes on a wide, dispersed structure ending in tiny cell-like entities called mitochondria. When the heat stimulus reaches them, it undergoes a structural change, thanks to which the snake detects its prey. It is not yet fully understood how this detection system actually works, though scientists commonly view that it takes place through a very special complex process. (The Infrared receptors of snakes", R. Igor Gamow and John F. Harris, May 1973, Animal Engineering, pp. 68-69)

The snake's heat detection system operates independently of its own body heat. It is activated as soon as the signal is received, but does not react afterwards. This feature alone is enough to show that rattlesnakes' system is the product of a specially designed plan. If these sensors reacted to the heat given off by the snakes own body, they would constantly emit signals obscuring those from outside heat sources, and the system would be useless.

But this does not occur, because God created rattlesnakes together with their sophisticated infra-red detection.

Every single detail in this sensory system, unique to snakes, is flawless. Every stage has been perfectly designed, right down to the finest detail.

It is obvious that chance can never come up with such a system in a great number of stages. No other power than God can create such perfect systems, especially not in all the other members of the species. Let's demonstrate this manifest truth once again by examining some other systems in snakes.

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Hypocrites use every opportunity they are given to plot against the Muslims Hypocrites use the blessings and opportunities they get by means of Muslims, 'to consort with the unbelievers, strengthen their ties with them and secure a place amongst them'. Their final goal is 'weakening Muslims, strengthening the unbelievers and then guaranteeing a proper place amongst the unbelievers'. They use every 'technologic means, financial power and social connection' for this foul purpose of theirs.

They act in line with 'a thorough strategic plan' to make use of the resources of Muslims as much as possible. The first step is to take advantage of Muslims’ circles in accordance with their own desires. They take care to make acquaintances with all the local and foreign connections of Muslims and try to be close to them. Sometimes they make up some pretexts to directly ask for their contact details, and sometimes secretly try to get 'their e-mail addresses, phone numbers or social media accounts' from the laptops, phones or tablets of Muslims. Then, coming up with various lies, they seek to cut the ties of Muslims with these people, so that they can later secretly remain in touch with them personally. For instance, regarding a well-mannered, conscientious person, who fears God and loves Muslims, hypocrites will tell lies to Muslims and say: "This person is known as a very dishonest, unreliable person. He is also averse to Muslims. You better not be friends with him, don't speak to him again otherwise he might harm you." Hypocrites spread these lies because they wish to disturb the alliance and brotherhood of good people, and manipulate things for their own personal interests.

In the End Times, technology is yet another tool that hypocrites use in their ugly ploys. They use communication instruments such as social media, smartphones, laptops and tablets, which Muslims use to communicate the beautiful message of Islam, to contact the unbelievers and to scheme against Muslims. Hypocrites desire to abuse such resources and means of Muslims as much as possible. They seek to take advantage of the benevolence and conscientious nature of Muslims. For instance, a hypocrite might say that his phone broke down, he is in a difficult position because of that, that he wouldn't be able to call anyone if he got ill or something happened to him. Then he implies that he needs a new smart phone with state of the art technology. He is perfectly aware that Muslims will feel responsible and definitely help him. For this reason, he puts particular emphasis on the lie that 'he would be desperate if something happened to him'. Finally, he gets the technological means to maintain his contact with the unbelievers and to scheme against Muslims. However, Muslims can perfectly see through the lies of the hypocrite, but they still provide him with this opportunity he wants, hoping that it will be the best thing to do in their constant quest to earn God's pleasure, and continue to carefully watch the schemes of the hypocrite.

The hypocrites don't stop there. Over this phone or tablet that he attained thanks to the resources of Muslims, he provides 'intelligence' to unbelievers about Muslims. He cooperates with them against Muslims, using these same technological instruments provided by Muslims, and concocts evil plans against them.

As hypocrites see the rich resources of Muslims, they step up their demonic games. Sometimes they seek to obtain these resources, even if they are of no personal benefit to them, merely 'to support and get in the good graces of the unbelievers'. For instance, the research Muslims make in order to communicate the beautiful message of Islam and the morality of the Qur'an, and the 'archives' they collect to use to this end arouse the attention of hypocrites. They think that if they can pass that archive on to their associates among the unbelievers, they will be able to gain their approval, maybe get a "well done," and will be able to ask for something from them in the future. Having these thoughts in mind, hypocrites try to somehow secretly get a hold of this data, even though it will be of no personal use to them. They make up pretexts, which seem reasonable, such as that "they will do something good for Islam and that they need the data for this reason," or that "the archive is too disorderly and that he is very experienced in sorting things." Later on, they pass on every bit of useful information and document to their demonic acquaintances.

This insidious struggle that the hypocrites carry out while they are among Muslims, a few examples of which are given in this film, will continue until they find what they have been looking for amongst the unbelievers. These evil games that they have been playing amongst the Muslims will only serve to strengthen Muslims, even though that was never their intentions. Muslims become more attentive as they see the evil and sly aspects of the hypocrites, bond to each other more strongly and progress with firmer steps. The possibility of having a hypocrite amongst them prompts them to be more diligent and alert. As a result, by God's will, their power and strength, as well as their achievements, increasingly grow.

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The gecko and molecular gravityThe gecko, a small, harmless lizard that lives in tropical regions, possesses a characteristic which distinguishes it from other lizards. It can walk on walls, or even ceilings, as easily as if walking on the ground. It can even run upside down on varnished surfaces. ("Geckos Climb by the Hairs of Their Toes", Elizabeth Pennisi, Science magazine, June 30, 2000)

What is this system that permits the gecko's feet to cling so tightly to the surface and move so astonishingly?

The gecko does not cling to the ceiling by secreting an adhesive substance, since the lizard has no glands with which to do such a thing. Furthermore, such a system might also stick the gecko to a surface, but not allow it to move.

Nor does the reptile's ability stem from a structure like a suction cup. The gecko's feet also work perfectly in a vacuum, and a suction cup cannot attach itself to the ceiling in such an environment.

Neither is there any question of electrostatic attraction. Experiments have proven that the gecko's feet function even in ion-charged air. Were electrostatic attraction being used, the ions added to the air diminish the force of attraction and prevent the lizard holding on.

Research has shown that the mechanism in the gecko's feet is an example of superior engineering. In fact, the lizard's entire foot has been designed for climbing.

The tips of the gecko's toes are covered with thin leaves of skin, just like the pages of a book. Every leaf, in turn, is covered in a special tissue known as setae, hair-like protuberances, whose ends are divided into thousands of microscopic tips.

On the gecko's toe, an area the size of a pinhead contains an average of 5,000 micro-hairs. That means each of the animal's feet contains around half a million hairs.

Every single hair consists of between 400 and 1,000 protrusions, all located in such a way as to face the animal's heels. The tip of each one is about 5,000th of a millimeter thick. The millions of microscopic tips on the gecko's feet use the gravitational force of the atoms in the surface it walks on to firmly adhere to that surface.

As the gecko walks, it places the soles of its feet on the surface and pulls them slightly backwards, ensuring maximum contact between the hairs and the surface. Its hairs cling tightly to microscopic protrusions and cavities on the surface, too small to be seen with the naked eye. Thus on the molecular level, a slight gravitational attraction forms between the foot and the surface, known as the Van der Waals Force in quantum physics. ("Bonding",

This force is also present when you place your hand on the wall, but it is very weak. If you were to view your hand at the atomic level, you would see that its surface is covered in tiny crests, and only the few atoms at the tops of these crests make actual contact with the wall. However, the thousands of spatulate tips on the gecko's feet stick to the wall with greater force.

If the gecko's toes really were covered with an adhesive (or with suction caps, as scientists once believed) then every time it lifted its feet the lizard would have to expend considerable energy to break that adhesion. According to the findings of the research team, however, in order for the gecko to lift its feet, it needs only to change the angle at which it makes contact with the wall.

The position and concentration of the micro-hairs on the gecko's feet give rise to the Van der Waals Force, which overcomes the force of gravity. When it wishes to take another step, the reptile bends the sole of its foot forward and raises it by expending a greater molecular force than that of gravity.

 Clearly, the number and angle of the hairs on the creature's feet are based on sensitive engineering. Were the density of the hairs any greater, the animal would stick to the ceiling; any less, or if the hairs were located at a different angle, it would fall off.

Yet such a thing never happens. The density of the hairs that give rise to the Van der Waals force is exactly right.

If a gecko that had 2,000 hairs per square millimeter instead of 2 million, an insufficient Van der Waals force would form, and it would fall off as it attempted to walk on the ceiling. The existence of the whole elaborate hair structure would be to no avail.

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Hypocrites don't want to remember God and mention religious subjects, but they are quite zealous and proficient on talking about worldly mattersHypocrites who rarely remember God and carefully avoid places where God is praised have another remarkable feature. They deplore and suffer torment from religious subjects while they astoundingly feel relieved as worldly matters are discussed. While anything that reminds them of God, the hereafter, being conscientious and following moral values of the Qur'an is a nuisance for them, matters that make them forget about all these vivify them. A verse in the Qur'an describes how hypocrites are relieved and refreshed while subjects other than God are mentioned; "When God is mentioned on His own, the hearts of those who do not believe in the hereafter shrink back shuddering, but when others apart from Him are mentioned, they jump for joy.' (Surat az-Zumar, 45)

Although hypocrites say they have faith in God with their tongue, they either have a very weak faith in the hereafter or they do not believe at all. The important thing for them is only the life of this world. Every detail of this life is very important for them. The world's leading countries, showy cities, people from those places, the most respected foreign languages, politicians, artists and writers of prominent countries and the ideas they support are all crucial for hypocrites. Even if they can't go to those places and don't know these people personally, inquiring about them makes them very excited because hypocrites see all of these as a part of their future. Indeed, what refreshes and revives them is the dream of being respected worldwide, reaching an eminent position, coming together with those whom they admire the most and being one of them. Therefore when such topics are of concern, they let their tongue run. Hypocrites, who cannot utter a few sentences when the subject is remembering God, and who aren't even grateful when they see a blessing or are saved from some trouble by the grace of God, start talking incessantly when it is a worldly matter which they consider as their future. Their joy and happiness come into their own instantly. They even talk about the most unnecessary details for hours.

Hypocrites are also very talented at keeping such worldly information in their minds and narrating them appealingly. In the Qur'an, God reported this ugly hypocritical feature:

Among the people there is someone whose words about the life of the world excite your admiration, and he calls God to witness what is in his heart, while he is in fact the most hostile of adversaries. (Surat al-Baqara, 204)

God reveals that their “words about the life of the world excite one’s admiration.” It means that hypocrites can talk on subjects related to worldly matters very fluently and appealingly.

On the other hand 'conversations on religion' don't excite their attention or delight them. They eagerly mention art, painting, sculpture, wealth, money, fashion, clothes, accessories, houses, cars, foods and drinks for hours. They babble about odd subjects such as a television show, a gossip on papers or who followed who on social media.

Hypocrites may use a manner which can attract people who don't have profound faith and do not evaluate things in line with moral values of Muslims. They can keep all detailed information about these subjects in their minds. They have a broad perspective on talking about useless and pointless matters. However, it is a hollow talent. It does no good for either themselves, or anyone else. Hypocrites' way of empty talk or speaking about nonsense may be described as 'babbling'. They don't use such information in an erudite way for an auspicious purpose. They only show a disturbing and repellent character who makes nonsensical talk when they are with aimless people who embrace a similar mindset.

On the other hand, when God is praised in a candid and sincere manner, hypocrites suffer a great torment. It is the most insufferable and agonizing subject for them. When there is a mention of God and religion, they go pale, despond and become unhappy. As it is stated in the Qur'an; "… they run from the Reminder like panicked donkeys fleeing from a lion'' (Surat al-Muddaththir, 49-51), when they hear the mention of God they 'they run away like panicked donkeys'.

With the verse in the Qur'an; "But there are some people who trade in distracting tales to misguide people from God's Way knowing nothing about it and to make a mockery of it. Such people will have a humiliating punishment." (Surah Luqman, 6), God reveals that hypocrites' aim with this 'empty and pointless' speech is 'constraining Muslims from living the moral values of the Qur'an'. Hypocrites want to prevent benevolent activities of Muslims with stealing their time and drawing them into empty conversations. At the same time, they aim at dissuading those who have meager faith or hypocritical characters and then distracting them from being a sincere believer.

However, God turns this evil effort of hypocrites into a mercy for Muslims. Muslims see the difference between those who praise God with profound love and those who avoid remembering God but liven up with empty and pointless talk. Thus, Muslims can recognize insincere hypocritical people among them and take precautions as they see who should be watched carefully.

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The compass in the ant's eyeWe need a map to shows us where we are, and a compass to tell us which direction to take. But the black desert ant, which lives along the Mediterranean coast of Tunisia Mahares, can find its way without using either device.

When the Sun rises, the ant leaves the nest to search for food in the desert sands, whose temperatures can rise as high as 70 °C (158°F).

The ant follows a meandering course in an area extending up to 200 meters (650 feet) from its nest, frequently stopping and turning around. Yet despite all these complex zigzags, upon finding food, it follows a straight line back to its nest. Compared to its own size, this journey the ant undertakes is equivalent to a human being walking 35 to 40 km (21 to 24 miles) in the desert and then returning to his starting point, without neither map nor compass. ("Hayvanlarda yon bulma" (Direction Location in Animals), Bilim ve Teknik, May 1995, no.330, p. 69)

The magnitude of this accomplishment can be better understood by bearing in mind the scarcity of signs in the desert to help the ant find its way. It would be yet another miracle for the ant to remember the landmarks it saw on its wanderings and then find its way by searching them out.

Yet the direction-finding system placed in its eyes by God is far superior to either map or compass. The desert ant is able to polarize light—one feature lacking in the human eye. During this process it perceives certain rays that are invisible to us and, using them, can distinguish north and south every time it looks around. It thus always estimates the direction in which its nest lies and has no difficulty in returning to it. How can one account for an ant knowing about polarized light, something that humans discovered only recently, and using it like a compass? It is of course impossible for the ant to know all of this by itself.

Again, it's impossible to account for this ant's complex eye structure in terms of random coincidences. Ever since their first days on Earth, all desert ants have possessed eyes with exactly the same properties—the gift of their Creator, Who created us and all other living things. In one verse it is revealed:

He is Lord of the heavens and the Earth and everything in between them, so worship Him and persevere in His worship. Do you know of any other with His Name? (Surah Maryam: 65)

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Hypocrites lack Muslims’ elegancy, courtesy, kindness, respectful attitude and their graceful eloquenceOne of the most significant attributes of Muslims is that they speak in a tone that abides by Qur’anic morality at every moment of their lives. However, in societies where irreligion prevail, pessimism is common in the majority of people. Muslims, on the other hand, are purified of this negative attitude through their faith, and this clean, immaculate, God-favoring morality is reflected in their behavior and speech.

In every environment they enter, Muslims’ conscience determines how they behave according to the flow of events and people’s needs. Even if they encounter incidents they have never experienced before, they act upon their conscience and find the most proper behavior and make the most fitting speech.

Yet hypocrites lack this beauty of morality that Muslims possess. Of course, if they wish, they may change their attitude by taking a positive example from that of sincere Muslims. However, hypocrites who seek to employ an insidious struggle against Muslims never feel the need to amend their morals. They do not prefer to take the side of God, the morality of the Qur’an or their conscience. For this reason, they present evil and negative behavior instead of positive, lenient behavior and good morals. They also prefer to use allusive and insinuating language instead of exhibiting a constructive, calming and conciliatory tone in their discussion. They do not refrain from using rude and sharp words in an impertinent, aggressive, accusing and vicious manner. They blatantly use every vulgar and disturbing kind of behavior that they have learned from irreligious people in the presence of Muslims.

On the other hand, Muslims are diligent when it comes to enjoying pure and beautiful morals in order to earn the consent of God. They put forth effort to create an ambiance that is like paradise by purging the despicable and ugly manners that they have previously learned in societies where irreligion prevails. For this reason, they are thoughtful, self-sacrificing, modest, easy-going, patient, gentle, friendly, and full of love and respect towards one another. Thus a huge contrast ensues between Muslims’ superior morals and hypocrites’ negative behavior, which naturally makes it easy to identify hypocrites, as they do not abstain from presenting impudent attitudes and evil tones.

As is known, there were many people who gained attention with their evil ways during the time of our Prophet (pbuh). Among these there were idolaters, those with sickness in their hearts, vulgar and ill-mannered people and the ignorant, along with the hypocrites, who deliberately employed this depravity. Above all, these people presented this kind of behavior to our Prophet (pbuh) also –our Prophet is surely above these claims. They especially and intentionally demonstrated a more severe iniquity in their conduct against our Prophet (pbuh). The reason for this was indeed their irreligiosity and their jealousy towards the blessings that our Prophet possessed, the love and respect shown to him and his position, and his dignity. They believed they were more fit for the position as a leader than the Prophet, considering themselves more superior, more talented and more wise. That is why they took offense to showing him the due respect and love, and to acting with good morals towards him.

They spoke with disrespect and impertinence to him, in loud voices that were utterly rude and aggressive, and sometimes raised their voices so high they were shouting at him.

God warned in the Qur’an of those people who displayed this ugly conduct towards our Prophet (pbuh) and reminded them of a mighty recompense:

You who believe! Do not raise your voices above the voice of the Prophet and do not be as loud when speaking to him as you are when speaking to one another, lest your actions should come to nothing without your realizing it. (Qur’an, 49:2)

God has informed us that speaking in such a rude and hostile manner to our Prophet (pbuh) would obliterate the previous sincere deeds of those people. The verse informs us that a great reward awaits those sincere Muslims who abstain from such a depraved attitude and who speak with a moderate, respectful tone:

Those who lower their voices when they are with the Messenger of God are people whose hearts God has tested for righteousness. They will have forgiveness and an immense reward. (Qur’an, 49/3)

Indeed, every incident that took place during the era of our Prophet (pbuh) and every command told in the Qur’an regarding those incidents are beacons for every Muslim community that comes after that period. The understanding of respect and the high regard described in the Qur’an tells us how the level of respect and good manners between believers should be also today.

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The ugly body language of the hypocrite In the Qur'an, in Surat al-Mudathir, God informs us how hypocrites use their body language in the finest detail with an evil intelligence against Muslims and Islam, as follows: 

" He reflected and considered. He reflected and considered. Again curse him, how he considered! Then he looked. Then he frowned and glowered. Then he drew back and behaved arrogantly."

(Surat Al-Mudathir, 18-23)

1- The Evil Acts of Hypocrites are Deliberate and Premeditated:

God informed us in the verses that the hypocrites reflect on and consider thoroughly their treacherous and vile plans before they act on them. They think about and determine every little detail of the acts they will carry out against Muslims. When they begin a new day, they start making spiteful plans to the finest detail thinking "what kind of accusations they can bring against Muslims, what kind of aspersions they can cast, how they can dispirit Muslims, how they can prevent their auspicious activities, how they can tie Muslims down and waste their time, how they can tire Muslims or how they can leave them sleepless, how they can consume Muslims' energy they would normally spend on communicating religion."  Undoubtedly, satan is their guide and source of inspiration while they are devising these cunning and treacherous thoughts. 

2- Dirty looks of hypocrites: 

The second phase of the evil acts of the hypocrites God informed us about in the verses of the Qur'an, is "reflecting this devised treachery to their gazes."   Looking with the most disturbing, most conceited, dirty, snobbish gazes void of respect, farthest from the morality of Muslims and reflecting the morality of the unbelievers to the best of their ability is a method hypocrites practice with an evil meticulousness and persistence. Wandering among Muslims like this all day long, in their foolish minds, they intend to make Muslims restless and uneasy. In their twisted minds, hypocrites imagine that they can harm Islam and Muslims by taking up their time and by troubling Muslims with themselves. Living by the morality of unbelievers among a Muslim community, they desire to drag and incent Muslims into this vile morality. If there are similar ones among the Muslim community with the characteristics of hypocrites like themselves, they wish to communicate their messages and draw them over to their corner with their evil morality. Similarly they intend to swerve the hearts of those who newly learnt about Islam, who newly embraced faith, and lead them into unbelief as well. 

3- Hypocrites' frowning:

"Frowning" is another part of the evil acts of the hypocrites who dedicatedly premeditate on every sort of filth and malice in their heads and then reflect this villainy to the Muslims with their gazes. As is known, "frowning" is an act used among commoners specifically to give negative messages. Indeed the very definition of scowling is; "To wrinkle or contract the brow as an expression of anger or disapproval."  

Naturally one might also contract his or her brows as an ordinary and humane response under normal conditions. However when it is the hypocrites in question, all these details are implemented as cunning and atrocious acts used for specific purposes.  In an environment in which everyone looks at one another with sincere and friendly eyes full of love, respect and good nature; hypocrites use their brows for malice, just like they use their gazes.  They intend to cause unrest. Their goal is to bother Muslims one way or another. In environments full of blessings and beauties, in which Muslims constantly display the most beautiful morality to one another and talk to each other in the kindest manner, hypocrites start putting their immorality in practice one after the other for no particular reason at all. By frowning, they try for the most malice, the most sullen, the filthiest, the most atrocious facial expression. 

4- Hypocrites' glowering:

"Glowering" is defined as the next move of the hypocrite in the verse.  As is known by everyone, the human face is an organ used to display a very rich variety of meaning by the use of numerous expressions. Most of the time we understand the feelings and thought, the mood and the intentions of the people across us, merely with their facial expression, without them talking. Similarly, we can recognize the act one is attempting to do without any verbal confirmation simply by observing the variety of their facial expressions.  The hypocrites use this extensive means to the fullest, to perform their evil acts. Hypocrites who know how, when and what kind of a massage would be given to the other party when they assume a certain expression use this weapon in the most powerful manner at every moment of the day. This is very diabolically exciting for those hypocrites who know very well how disturbing such an ugly facial expression would be for Muslims, whose lives are based on an immaculate morality and honesty. They would thus use their faces in the ugliest and most blatant way possible, both to continue living the morality of unbelief that they yearn for, and to obtain every interest they want to acquire. When something they like is not done instantly, when events do not take place as their interests demand, when they want to draw attention to themselves and to become the center of attention, when they want to create unrest and disturb Muslims or when they want to take revenge from someone, they instantly glower and give their faces the filthiest expression they could master. In this way, in their twisted minds, they make sure that Muslims show interest in them, show them compassion, love, respect and mercy as a necessity of their beautiful morality and superior conscience, and try to do what they demand simply to make them happy. As a result of this act, in their twisted minds, they make sure they have the opportunity to benefit from the material and spiritual means Muslims possess even better. They thus ensure that they are treated exactly the way they want to be treated in the future simply "to prevent their such sullenness, their causing unease and making Muslims perturbed and bothered."

However there is something they have forgotten and that is the fact that Muslims' "understanding of love and mercy" would be based on the Qur'an. Muslims would not assume a certain expected attitude towards someone simply to please that person: Such an attitude or an act would be assumed only if it complies with the good pleasure of God and the Qur'anic morality.  Consequently, while devising these plans hypocrites ignore this significant characteristic of Muslims. Furthermore, they are unaware of the fact that the morality they are displaying and the facial expression they are putting on would be self-incriminating for them as a sign of their hypocrisy and that they would thus be revealing their true colors. 

5- Hypocrites' turning their backs: 

Another profane method hypocrites employ is their “turning their back on Muslims". As is know, "turning one's back on someone" is a phrase that describes 'one's becoming hostile towards those they were friends with, one's severing their ties with them and not siding with them'. That is the evil message hypocrites slyly intend to give to Muslims.  They intend to make Muslims uneasy by making them feel that among them "there are those who do not refrain from the filthy morality of unbelief, who do not fear God as His due and heed, and could possibly be hypocrites." In their own twisted minds they try to disrupt the clean, comfortable and peaceful lives of Muslims provided by their trusts in God and to hinder their joy and merriment. 

To that end, although they live their lives alongside Muslims, they try to keep away from them and never become true friends with them. In order to make Muslims feel that they are not happy to be with them, they display an attitude that is far different from that of Muslims in the most conspicuous manner, on every occasion. They do not support Muslims when they carry out auspicious activities altogether. Sometimes in a blatant fashion and with absolutely no good reason at all, by suddenly turning their backs and leaving while they are with Muslims, they adopt an attitude against Muslims to make it understood that they are copping an attitude. 

6- Hypocrites' behaving arrogantly:

The next step in these acts, every step of which hypocrites slyly devise and perform, is their assuming a haughty attitude foolishly looking down on Muslims and "behaving arrogantly."  With their gazes, their speech, with the tone of voice they use and furthermore with their gestures, they intend to make their claim of superiority be felt by those around them to the best of their ability.  They try to prove to Muslims – in their twisted, feeble minds- that they do not value them, that they do not respect them, that they look down on them and that they do not care about their opinions or words. In their foolish minds, they believe that Muslims are naïve and that they, themselves, have an amazing intelligence, wisdom and talent. They respond to every auspicious word they are told with haughtiness, snobbery and insolence; they respond with a smart mouth and rudeness. They try to emphasize their insolence in the most exaggerated way. 

These constitute a part of the vicious plans of the hypocrites. These attitudes, which God informed us about in the Surat Al-Mudathir as an act of the hypocrites against our Prophet (saas), have been repeated in the same way by all hypocrites throughout the course of history. 

However, there is a fact that hypocrites forget about while implementing these cunning acts. God would never deem hypocrites successful and would never let these sick-minded people harm Islam and Muslims.  In their treacherous and vile world, hypocrites would be spiritually suffocated in the plots they have devised. The traps they have laid, the cunning tricks they have played would turn their lives into a horrific plague, both in this world and in the Hereafter. Hypocrites who are unable to find peace in the immaculate, radiant life that Muslims present them and who imagine that they will find happiness as they approach unbelief would instead gradually be dragged into a bigger unhappiness. And in the Hereafter, they will experience a grave torment along with their close friend the satan and live in regret and pain for all eternity. 

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Penguins and the potential energy-chemical energy transitionThe time when Emperor Penguins brood coincides with the polar winter. While the male penguins sit on the eggs, the females go off to find food for the chicks that will hatch. The distance between the nesting site and the nearest food source can sometimes exceed 100 kilometers. For roughly four months until her chick hatches, the mother penguin swims around and collects food in her craw. When she takes over the care of the new hatchling, the father penguin departs on a walk for hunting that can last for a very long time.

The very surprising element in all this is that although penguins have fairly large bodies, their very short legs make walking difficult. Under normal conditions, this would lead to a considerable expense of energy. Penguins setting off on a long journey with only limited amounts of food should die of starvation.

So how is it, that in the face of such an apparent disadvantage, penguins can walk for many kilometers and reach the sea?

The answer reveals yet another miracle of creation.

Penguins walk by waddling from right to left, and back again. This pendulum-like gait allows penguins to save considerable quantities of energy. Penguins can overcome the disadvantage of exceedingly short legs by stepping sideways, thus tiring their muscles less. Indeed, at the end of every step they have meanwhile stored sufficient energy for the next one.

 Were they to walk straight instead of side to side, penguins would have to expend twice as much energy as any animal their size. Yet thanks to this special gait, the penguin expends energy only when beginning walking, and when stopping. And its limited amount of stored nourishment is enough for it to reach the sea.

Of course, a gait that conserves energy is not something the penguin could have discovered on its own. Moreover, this is something adopted by all penguins, not just one.

From the moment they are born, penguins know how to survive under the harsh conditions of winter. Any other behavior would have serious consequences, even death. It is out of the question for a penguin in the freezing cold to experiment with what it needs to do and finally decide to adopt this particular gait, which is yet another proof of God's love and compassion for living things. It is God Who creates penguins and inspires their behavior in them, Who has shaped all living things and created them together with all their incomparably perfect features.

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The Hypocrite's Gaze and Face Reflects His Hatred and Hostility One of the most prominent characteristics of believers is the clean, peaceful, trustworthy and loving expression in their eyes. God describes this pleasant and faithful expression in verse: "...You see them bowing and prostrating, seeking God’s good favor and His pleasure. Their mark is on their faces, the traces of prostration..." (Surat al-Fath, 29)

Every person can change his facial expression at will, so it is possible for most people to show an expression of sadness or happiness or anger whenever they wish. However, the spiritual beauty that God describes as "the traces of prostration" can't be achieved through imitation or effort. It can only be achieved through loving God, submitting to the destiny He created, and living sincerely by the morality of the Qur’an; only then does this expression appear naturally on one's face.

About hypocrites, God says in Surah Muhammad, verse 30, "If We wished, We would show them to you and you would know them by their mark..."

It can be understood from this verse that, the face of the hypocrite reflects the insincere, sinister and unclean soul of his. God creates a non-concealable sign on the hypocrite's face, who hides his dishonesty buried in his heart, and thus makes the people Muslims should watch out for known to them.

However, a Muslim himself can't judge a person by saying, "This person is a hypocrite" with certainty because no one has the ability to know the true sincerity and faith of a person. Only God knows. Even when there is evidence against a person, Muslims can only assume that he is "displaying hypocritical characteristics" or "showing signs of a hypocrite." However, the verse "If We wished, We would show them to you," informs us that God can make these people known to His messengers through revelation if He so desires.

While Muslims stand out because of their peaceful, loving and respectful expressions, hypocrites manifest themselves with their blackened countenance corrupted by anger and hatred. They have a disturbing and devilish expression. Sometimes their gaze shows no meaning, sometimes it is full of hatred or discontent, and sometimes it is hostile and offensive. In the Qur’an, one of the most prominent characteristics of hypocrites, their repulsive expressions, is explained in the verse: "[God] knows the eyes’ deceit and what people’s breasts conceal." (Surah Ghafir, 19)

The aim of this devilish expression is to disturb and depress the believers. If the hypocrite can't harm them any other way, his “eyes” are his most effective weapon. God informs us of the immorality of hypocrites and their expressions and the severity of their hatred:

[they] would almost strike you down with their evil looks when they hear the Reminder. (Surat al-Qalam, 51)

In the era of our Prophet (pbuh), hypocrites were full of hatred and anger because the Prophet and Muslims lived by the Qur’an and preached the faith. They showed this hatred by daring to direct their devilish gaze upon the Prophet.

The characteristics of hypocrites show themselves over the ages, including today, just like God tells us in the Qur’an. Hypocrites, like those who targeted our Prophet to induce distress and unrest, are practicing the same evil acts today toward those who lead Muslims and serve Islam in the most efficient way.

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Moths' area of expertise: Ultrasonic wavesFor any animal to survive, its most urgent need is to identify predators and prey. Some species of moth have a major advantage in this regard, since they can hear the high-frequency sounds emitted by bats as they hunt.

A number of scientists and students at Tufts University examined the central nervous system of nocturnal moths. Their aim was to decipher the code system of the perceptions linking the central nervous system to the moth's ear and to determine how the moths managed to escape the bats, their greatest enemy. ("Moths and ultrasound", Kenneth D. Roeder, April 1965, Animal Engineering, p. 78.)

The study established that a special system in the moth's ear had infiltrated the bat's hunting system. From the ear, perceptions regarding the bat are sent to the central nervous system by means of only two fibers. This system, apparently so simple, is perfectly created to let the moth perceive ultrasonic waves.

As insectivorous bats hunt in the dark, they give off a series of high frequency cries. They locate prey by establishing the direction and distance of the source of these cries' echoes. This acoustical radar is so sensitive that it even permits bats to catch insects as tiny as mosquitoes. But some species of moth – members of the Noctuidae, Geometridae and Arctiidae families – possess ears capable of hearing the ultrasonic cries emitted by bats, so that they can escape being hunted down. These ears, located under the moths' wings, serve as an early warning system.

When they sense a bat emitting high-frequency sounds, moths make sharp dives or intricate loops, very different from their normal flight patterns. Sometimes they fly in the opposite direction to the approaching bat. Asher E. Treat of New York City University observed that moths flying in a different direction to a bat's approach have a better chance of survival than others. ("Moths and ultrasound", Kenneth D. Roeder, April 1965, Animal Engineering, p. 78.)

The moth's ear can detect ultrasonic bat cries, which we humans cannot, from up to 3,200 meters (10500 feet) away. In addition, they can also distinguish frequencies from 10 to 100 kilocycles—a range that includes bat cries. Their greatest ability, to identify short bursts of sound amidst periods of silence and the differences in their sound range, give moths a major advantage in their battle for survival.

In war, of course, it's very important for one country to get hold of its enemy's battle plan. Knowing the weapons and tactics the enemy will employ will make victory—or at least, survival—much easier. The advantage that a moth attains over bats is due to its being aware of the main tactic they use to attack. This of course, is a result of the moths' flawlessly designed creation. If the moth could not hear sounds as far away as the bats could, then the moth's ears couldn't protect it. By the time the moth detected the bat and sought to evade it, the bat would have homed in on it and caught it, due to its faster flight speed. Or the moth might perceive an approaching bat as actually farther away, or misinterpret the bat's location.

Yet from among all these alternatives, moths select the right course of action to avoid falling prey.

In one verse God reveals, "God is watchful over all things." (Surat al-Ahzab: 52) The moth's hearing is one of the countless proofs of this.

Like all other living things, moths survive thanks to the perfect systems He has created in their bodies and inspired them to employ. With the inspiration of God, they engage in rational behavior and make the right choices.

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A Hypocrite is Full of Hatred; His Inherent Cruelty and Corruption Spoil His Body and SoulWhen Muslims experience something positive in their lives, or achieve success or power, hypocrites get deeply upset about it. The fact that Muslims live joyful, peaceful lives in abundance, and that they enjoy love and friendship is a painful fact for a hypocrite because he, on the contrary, spends his live in misery, distress and suffering. He has chosen to be with Muslims, but he can’t get his mind off being a disbeliever. Because he fell into the clutches of worldly greed, he foolishly imagines that he would have a better life if he were with unbelievers. The fact that he can't be with them, that he can't live indecently among them, and that he can't exploit them, brings great suffering to the hypocrite. Hatred and anger engulf his soul. Not only that, but everywhere he looks, he sees the heavenly lives of Muslims, contributing further to the hypocrite's pain, hatred and distress. This hatred gets to a point where the hypocrite becomes unable to conceal it. His hatred, anger and jealousy leak out and emanate from his tongue, eyes, face and body. About this, God says in the Qur’an:

You who have faith! Do not take any outside yourselves as intimates. They will do anything to harm you. They love what causes you distress. Hatred has appeared out of their mouths, but what their breasts hide is far worse. We have made the signs clear to you if you use your intellect. (Surah Al ‘Imran, 118)

A hypocrite lives every moment of his life consumed by this anger. From the moment he wakes up to the hour he closes his eyes to sleep, his every conduct and behavior is governed by hatred and anger. The reason for this hatred is explained in the verse, "If something good happens to you, it galls them, if something bad strikes you, they rejoice at it" (Surah Al ‘Imran, 120). The fact that Muslims live in peace, joy, love, friendship and happiness is the main reason for the hypocrite's misery.

While Muslims begin their days with joy, thanking God for the blessings He bestowed upon them, the hypocrite wakes up in misery: He is yet again amongst the people he doesn’t love and with whom he shares no beliefs or ideals. He again has to pretend among the people he actually envies and hates, for whom he feels no love or friendship. Against his inclination, he will show fake love and respect for these people, and he will force himself to support their good deeds, and pretend to be happy at their successes.

While he lives in such misery, Muslims are experiencing the happiness of being sincere, of true friendship and love, and of living in a trusting environment with the most honest and reliable people in the world. The fact that hypocrites are aware of this painful difference leaves them spending their days in anger and depression. Their hatred and anger will drag them to suffer in the afterlife as well, as God reveals:

… When they meet you, they say, “We have faith.” But when they leave they bite their fingers out of rage against you. Say: “Die in your rage.” God knows what your hearts contain. (Surah Al ‘Imran, 119)

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