Islam Denounces Antisemitism

Consumer Culture, Waste and Profligacy

Tüketim Kültürü, İsraf ve Savurganlık

Wherever we look, we see wars in which millions of people are dying and being injured and disabled; we see genocide and slaughter. There are acts of terror causing tension across the world, deaths from hunger despite all the technological advances of our time, a social order in which spiritual concerns and virtue have been abandoned and strife and turmoil is everywhere, caused by moral degeneracy. On the other hand though, we see that a global phenomenon known as ‘consumer culture’ has brought almost all the world's societies under its sway.


The weekly newspaper published in Kenya, and circulated in Kenya and the other countries of the African Great Lakes region, including Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda, published Harun Yahya’s article.







2017-08-13 01:42:18

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